Catch a Falling Star Pre-Release Fun: Name a Star Giveaway

I’m embracing the star-theme that fits with my upcoming release, Catch a Falling Star. Today’s the start of a new giveaway — and the chance for you to name a star!

The Rafflecopter link  for the Name a Star giveaway is on my Author Facebook page. While you’re there, please “like” the page and you’ll stay up-to-date on future contests and book releases.

The giveaway runs from today, March 5, 2o13, until next Tuesday, March 12 at midnight.

I also wanted to let you know that a free download of the first chapter of Wish You Were Here is available on the front page of this website — look for it on the left-hand side. Or click on this link.

So, I’m wondering: What would you name a star?

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  1. Lisa Medeiros
    March 5, 2013, 6:47 am   /  Reply

    My grandma was a star who is now shining bright in heaven… She wasn’t perfect but through all her health problems and trouble with my uncle she never complained… Just kept on loving us and living for God!

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 12:55 pm   /  Reply

      What a sweet response, Lisa. Your grandmother sounds so, so special.

  2. March 5, 2013, 6:50 am   /  Reply

    Super idea. Thanks for releasing your first chapter. Wishing you a great and productive day.

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 12:52 pm   /  Reply

      Thanks, Dee! Same to you!

  3. March 5, 2013, 6:51 am   /  Reply

    I think I would call it, Emmanuel, to remind people that “God is with us.”

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 12:52 pm   /  Reply

      I love that name of God, Angie!

  4. Elizabeth Morris
    March 5, 2013, 7:55 am   /  Reply

    I would have to think about the name, but it would be something to honor my husband’s & my marriage last November. 🙂 Sappy, but that’s what I would do.

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 12:53 pm   /  Reply

      Sappy works for me. Sappy=sentimental.

  5. Renee Lyons
    March 5, 2013, 8:02 am   /  Reply

    We have a framed registry like you show in your photo. We have a star named Ian Christopher Lyons discovered on April 27, 2009. Someone gave this as a gift to our family Christmas 2009. Forever treasured by this mother.

    This is a great idea, Beth!!!!

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 12:54 pm   /  Reply

      Your comment is so, so significant because, as you know, Catch a Falling Star is dedicated to your son, Ian.
      Love this.

  6. March 5, 2013, 8:17 am   /  Reply

    Umm, I’d say “Jennifer”. But my Mom already did that.
    I know , right?
    I am “The VAINEST Human Alive!!”

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 12:52 pm   /  Reply

      Your mom named a star after you?

      • March 5, 2013, 2:13 pm   /  Reply


        I *AM* a star, really, ask….ummm….well, the ummm…uhhh.

        So I guess the only one who thinks I’m outta this world is ….anyone…feel free to jump in AT ANY TIME….

  7. Katie Beth
    March 5, 2013, 8:53 am   /  Reply

    Well, I wouldn’t name it Rippin or Blargon 7 (hehehe!)…I would have to think about it a LOT before deciding. Otherwise it would be named “Twinkle” or something cheesy.
    Let’s see, seriously though, I’d name a star….I’d have to name it after Nate! (my husband) Yep!

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 12:53 pm   /  Reply

      ROTFL …

  8. March 5, 2013, 10:31 am   /  Reply

    Hey Beth! How fun?! I was trying to guess what giveaway you could have that had to do with stars (besides your book), but I had no idea THIS is what it would be! This is way too cool. 🙂

    You are blessed,


    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 12:54 pm   /  Reply

      Glad you approve, Andrea!

  9. March 5, 2013, 1:07 pm   /  Reply

    Love the giveaway, Beth! I’ve never considered naming a star, but I have thought about naming a yacht. 🙂 My daughters have nicknames, Belle & May May, and I’ve thought it would be fun to name a yacht the May Belle – so I think that’s what I would name a star, too. Hope you’re doing well and meeting that daily word count!!! Thinking about you and praying for you and Catch a Falling Star.

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 3:13 pm   /  Reply

      Love this, Gabe — and I’ve often mulled over naming a boat too.

  10. March 5, 2013, 3:00 pm   /  Reply

    Love this idea, Beth. How special. Our kids just bought their dad a brick on an overlook near our mountain house. I love those sorts of gifts.

    I’d name our star Claire … I know, it’s all about the granddaughter. Hopefully I’ll need more stars. 🙂

    • Beth Vogt
      March 5, 2013, 3:14 pm   /  Reply

      Interesting … I’ll have to share about the name Claire sometime soon …

  11. March 5, 2013, 6:07 pm   /  Reply

    I thot I posted earlier (but can’t find) that I actually bought a star for my 2 sons 12 years ago, named it Topliff. It’s up there somewhere shining brightly, & my grandkids love it.

    • Beth Vogt
      March 6, 2013, 7:23 am   /  Reply

      You posted this on my Author FB page, Dee!

  12. March 7, 2013, 11:45 am   /  Reply

    If I were to name a star, I’d call it Inspiration. That way everyone could look up at night and seek it. 🙂

    • Beth Vogt
      March 7, 2013, 11:46 am   /  Reply

      Love this idea, Keli!

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