In Others’ Words: Correct Me, Encourage Me

Correct Me Encourage Me 2016

It would be easy to apply today’s quote to parenting — to start a conversation about correcting a child versus encouraging a child. As a mom, I certainly needed to learn the balance between the two — and I believe the scale should tilt more toward encouragement.

And yes, that’s another blog post.

I also believe every person, no matter what their age, deals with correction. And every person, no matter what their age, needs encouragement.

And that’s the focus of this blog post.

Correction can tell a person what they did wrong. Encouragement . . . well, encouragement tells a person that you believe in them even if they did something wrong. 

Correction is a “Don’t do that” or “Do this” kind of interaction — and sometimes the other person has no chance to respond or explain. Encouragement can be verbal — “I know you can do it!” or “I forgive you for what you did.” — or it can be expressed without a word through a hug or a pat on the back or just a glance. (And yes, I know correction can be physical, too. Not going there.)

There’s no denying correction is needed at times. If you’re doing something incorrectly, you need instruction. Think cooking. Or quilting. Or “mathing.” But even when it comes to life skills or schooling, encouragement should be woven through the instruction. As one of my friends often says to me whenever she encourages me, “Big gold star!”

In Your Words: Who has encouraged you in your life? And who do your trust to correct you, knowing that their instruction will be woven through with positive feedback?

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  1. August 25, 2016, 8:30 am   /  Reply

    I have received encouragement from many, Beth…notably from you.

    As for correction…um, well. Correcting me was kind of a not-too-smart thing to do unless you knew that I knew that I was unequivocally wrong when I was younger, and many individuals and their dentists can attest to this.

    Every person, as you say, deals with correction. In their own way, I suppose. But I’m much better now. And have fewer sore and skinned knuckles.

  2. August 26, 2016, 11:22 pm   /  Reply

    I’m learning this all over again with grandchildren. <3

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