In Others’ Words: If We Have Not Peace …

Inner peace 2015

Perhaps you’ve struggled with inner turmoil … the unrest that chafes your soul, wearies your mind, and exhausts your heart. 

You seek to assuage the dissastifaction by tuning into your favorite TV show or watching that movie that never fails to entertain you. Or you exercise. Go for a walk or a run or hit the gym for a spin class. Maybe you seek solace in the kitchen, attempting a new recipe or a tried and true one.

But all those distractions merely muffle the inner agitation until it is nothing more than a murmur … but the unrest is there, all the same.

Inner peace isn’t found by ignoring the longings of our hearts while we entertain ourselves. Or by stifling the chaos that is waging in our souls while we stay busy with activities that are good … but are not the best. And believe me, when I write these words, I am saying what I need to hear even as I share these thoughts with you.

Sometimes I think to find the peace I desire I have to do more, when it’s a matter of doing less … and waiting on and listening to God, who establishes peace. (Is. 26:12 NIV) The embarrassing truth is, I too often let my To Do list take precedence over spending time wih God — as if anything I have to do could ever matter more than God. Where that misguided thought came from I have no idea, but it does not produce inner peace.

In Your Words: What are some ways that you sometimes search for peace from outside sources? What helps you find peace within? 

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