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In Others’ Words: Creating Hope

In Others’ Words: Creating Hope

I confess that I went looking for a quote about hope because my spirits were sagging a bit. Yes, this quote was selected because I’m encouraging myself, but I also hope you’re encouraged by the words shared. And I know that when you all join the conversation by leaving a comment, you so often encourage and uplift me and others, too. Scripture tells us to encourage others in the way we&... Read More »

In Others’ Words: Truthful

Discouragement has stalked my heels of late. And even as I write those words, I want to back up, hit the “delete” key until that sentence disappears. Start again. But I am determined to be honest . . . not to garner sympathy, although you all — yes, you, if you are reading this blog — are amazing encouragers. I could go into the why of the discouragement. I am, after all, f... Read More »

In Others’ Words: Seeing

Faith convinces us of things unseen. (Hebrews 11:1) Sometimes I have more faith in the unseen “oh no’s” — the experiences I dread, the what-ifs that figuratively take me out at the knees. I open my eyes wide … peer into the darkness … and see more darkness looming ahead of me. My faith, my hope, is shrouded in fear and doubt — two wearisome travel companio... Read More »

In Others’ Words: Forward Motion

“I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward.” ~ Thomas Edison, American inventor Things didn’t go as planned yesterday. (Well, actually today. But when you read this post, it will be yesterday. Sorry. Digressing.) I put a lot of time and effort — and also utilized someone else’s time and effort — into something. And all that com... Read More »