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In Others’ Words: Finding Your Theme

In Others’ Words: Finding Your Theme

  Mention “theme,” and most people are transported back to English class, when the teacher asked, “What is the theme of this book?” Some of us had fun with this question about the central idea in a novel or short story or poem or play, and some of us started counting the days until summer vacation. And then some of us … well, some of us became writers. And we pon... Read More »

Wish You Were Here & One of My Favorite Things: Photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen

httpv:// During today’s two minute vlog I introduce you to one of my favorite things: the nature photography of Thomas Mangelsen. As I say in the vlog, one of the fun things about being a novelist is including things I love in my novels. And when I wrote my debut novel, Wish You Were Here, I decided to slip one of Thomas Mangelsen’s photographs into the story. The p... Read More »

Contemporary Romance: Meet Allison Denman of Wish You Were Here

“Why can’t life be black and white, God? Why won’t you give me a happy ending?” She drew her knees up, resting her chin on her folded arms. “I’m trying to do the right things–shouldn’t that guarantee me happiness?” ~Allison Denman in Wish You Were Here In less than two weeks, Beth K. Vogt is going to share my life with all her readers. Oh, sure... Read More »

Heroes and Heroines: Can They Ever Be Too Perfect?

  I don’t hang around with perfect people. I’m sure you’re all very nice. I mean, you’re perfect, after all. And that’s the problem. I’m not perfect. I have a serious sugar addiction. (Jelly beans, anyone?) I skip my workouts. I prefer to “pile” rather than file my papers. My children will tell you that, um, sometimes I raise my voice above a wh... Read More »