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In Others’ Words: Who’s Got a Secret?

In Others’ Words: Who’s Got a Secret?

The women’s fiction series I’m writing? One of the themes is secrets.  The funny thing is, I’m not a fan of secrets. I’m not saying I’ve never had secrets. I’m just saying I don’t like harboring them. If asked, I would say growing up has meant realizing how damaging secrets can be and recognizing the need to reveal them — in the proper way and at the... Read More »

Wish You Were Here: What’s Up with the Llamas?

So, let’s talk llamas. I know, I know. I write romance. I should be introducing you to the hero in my debut novel, Wish You Were Here. But the llamas — Kuzko, Pacha and Banzai — have have always attracted a bit of attention along the way to publication. The conversation usually goes like this: Interested person: So what’s your book about? Me: It’s about a woman who ki... Read More »

Contemporary Romance Writers: Telling the Truth

I love the characters I run into when I read a novel. It doesn’t matter whether I’m reading a romantic suspense, a la Susan May Warren, a low country romance, a la Rachel Hauck,  an historical a la Siri Mitchell, or even a contemporary romance, a la … well, all three of those authors (and even my upcoming debut novel, Wish You Were Here. I know, shameless plug.) Where was I? Oh, ... Read More »

Heroes and Heroines: Can They Ever Be Too Perfect?

  I don’t hang around with perfect people. I’m sure you’re all very nice. I mean, you’re perfect, after all. And that’s the problem. I’m not perfect. I have a serious sugar addiction. (Jelly beans, anyone?) I skip my workouts. I prefer to “pile” rather than file my papers. My children will tell you that, um, sometimes I raise my voice above a wh... Read More »

Love Finds You … Where?

Miracle. Revenge. Romeo. Last Chance. Humble. What on earth am I talking … er … typing about? All of those words? They’re the names of real towns or cities in the U.S.A. And Summerside Press has designed an entire inspirational fiction book series around “towns and cities with great names, neat personalities, and colorful histories.” I’d love to meet the person ... Read More »

Boy Meets Girl:The Meet-Cute

I learned a certain unforgettable phrase from the romantic comedyThe Holiday. (Okay, before anyone jumps in and protests about some of the content of that movie … I agree. Some of the content: Highly objectionable. Moving on.) Where was I? Oh, yes … the phrase. Arthur, played by Eli Wallach, is a renown scriptwriter from the Golden Age of Hollywood. He explains the idea of a “mee... Read More »